Planet: Corellia: Hides: Meats: Bone:


Planet: Naboo: Hides: Meats: Bone:


Planet: Rori: Hides: Meats: Bone:


Planet: Talus: Hides: Meats: Bone:

__________________________________________________________________________________ Planet: Tatooine: Hides: Meats: Bone:

Kreetle: Scaley Hide, Meat, Bone

Womp Rat: Leathery Hide, Meat, Bone

Dwarf Nuna: Leathery Hide, Avian Meat, Bone

Rill: Bristley Hide, Meat, Bone

Tempest Rill: Bristley Hide, Meat, Bone

Minor Worrt: Leathery Hide, Meat, Bone

Rock Mite: Scaley Hide, Meat, No Bone

Mynock: Leathery Hide, Meat, Bone

Zucca Boar: Leathery Hide, Meat, Bone

Lesser Dewback: Leathery Hide, Meat, Bone

Bantha: Wooly Hide, Herbivor Meat, Animal Bone

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