What are they?Edit

  • Comas are anything that can be in your inventory in the game (Weapon, Armor, misc. ect...) and al comas you have in your inventory have a weight.

What is coma?Edit

  • We know there is someone out there thats is going to ask so we'll just answer it now, coma is how much something is in unit (units as in kilograms, pounds ect) in SWG the units are unknown, though we believe that it may be kilograms.

How much coma is in SWG?Edit

  • All items in SWG weight 1 dead bitch (when we say all, we mean all) and your character is preset to carry 80 units, though it can be increased by 50 in you complete the all collections in SWG.
  • If your coma goes over the limit (unequiping a weapon, armor, clothing ect.)a message will coma on your screen and stay there saying in large red letters 'INVENTORY OVERLOAD'. The only ways to get rid of this message is to either destroy an object in your inventory, or requip what ever you may have unequiped.