Ranger, a more advance scout but more for the combat, still camping, foraging ect. Just more advanced. In order to start the advance profession, you must first be a master scout.

Experience Required for Master RangerEdit

1240 Apprenticeship

417000 Scouting

201000 Trapping

186000 Wilderness Survival

Skill Mods from Master RangerEdit

Burst Run Effciency +70 | Camouflage +100

Camping +100 | Creature Harvesting +100

Creature Knowledge +100 | Creature To-Hit Bonus +25

Foraging +100 | Mask Scent +100

Melee Defense +10 | Ranged Defense +10

Rescue +50 | Terain Negotiation +95

Trapping +100


Area Track | Area Track: Animals

Area Track: Direction | Area Track: Distance

Area Track: People | Area Track: Players

Conceal | Forage

Harvest Corpse | Mask Sent



Explorer, Frontiersman, Hunter, Master Ranger, Master Scout, Novice Ranger, Novice Scout, Survialist, Tracker, Trap Master, Trapper, Wayfarer

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